Tuesday, July 24, 2007

YOU TUBE debate -- Truth AND Consequences

OK....so who's telling the truth?
AND...what are the consequences of believing anyone on a stage?

Well, the spinmasters are at it. Obama is naive? Clinton is on the attack? HAIR videos? We can't leave Iraq in less than 1 year?

I have been on You tube and watched videos that made it and didn't make it onto the CNN screen. Yes, real people asked real questions--especially those questions from uninsured Americans and parents of our soldiers. How can anyone stand behind a podium and equivocate? I don't care whose plan is better in theory! I want action NOW. I am not satisfied anymore with political rhetoric, I want actual courage in our leaders. The so-called front runners need to wake up!

Specifically, the senators on the stage should get together in DC today and take their wishes to the Congress and put their political careers on the line for the people of this country. I don't believe that the "regular" Democrats are taking the American people seriously. Living wages, healthcare, and our sons and daughters back home--we expect you to work to do this now, not after 2008 elections. We elected you months ago. We are watching.

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