Tuesday, July 10, 2007

David Vitter

Before Katrina I had made it a regular routine--follow David Vitter's rise to fame with the Repubs. Tell everyone just how sneaky he was to insert the "tell the recruiters" clause into the re authorization of the NCLB LAW. Our dear LA rep has a history of taking care of number 1. Well he was taking his taxpayers to the DC Madame's house also! We sent him to DC and he found a little comfort in the high priced house of the Madame. So much for all the family values he claims as his mantra.

Well, maybe we'll get lucky and Jefferson also had a standing appt. with the Madame also, and maybe FEMA, and maybe Blanco, and maybe Nagin...hey let's get some scandal going for all the LA and NOLA politicians who keep screwing with the everyday folk. Maybe we can put them all in the tank and clean up the city and state once and for all.

I may live in NY now, but we refugees never leave the city in our hearts. Too bad Vitter didn't feel the same way about his wife, children, and people. He said he has been forgiven, well not by me.

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