Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Contempt in Congress--Miers and Bolton

People for the American Way (PFAW.org) call to action:

Once again, President Bush is hiding information from Congress and the American people to prevent the truth about his administration's actions from getting out.

Last week, former White House counsel Harriet Miers flat-out skipped a House Judiciary Committee hearing to which she had been ordered to testify about her role in the months-old U.S. Attorney scandal. Chief of Staff Josh Bolton also defied a subpoena by refusing to turn over White House documents that Congress demanded by law. Both are stonewalling Congress on orders from President Bush, who is making outrageously sweeping claims of "executive privilege" to keep the public in the dark about what has been happening in the Bush White House.

Sign the Petition! Demand that Congress hold Miers and Bolton in contempt!

Congress has a responsibility to oversee the executive branch and the president. It's built into the Constitution. But this President and Vice President keep trying to reshape the Constitution and declare themselves above the law. Congress must stand up for itself and protect our constitutional checks and balances!

One of the next steps Congress can take is to vote to hold Miers and Bolton in contempt. President Bush is trying to block Congressional oversight with blanket claims of executive privilege. The president has even ordered the Department of Justice not to enforce charges of Contempt of Congress. But Congress needs to fight this fight and send the president a message that its authority will not be ignored.

Sign the Petition! Demand that Congress hold Miers and Bolton in contempt!

The idea that a president has the power to decide on his own what the law is would be laughable if it weren't really happening. But it is, and it represents a terrifying threat to our system of government and the basic individual rights the Constitution protects. This president is determined to grab ever more power for the executive branch. Look at what's happened so far:

  • The NSA's warrantless domestic spying
  • The stripping of habeas corpus and other due process rights
  • The mistreatment of detainees
  • The abuse of executive privilege and Presidential Signing Statements
  • The politicization of the DOJ

All demonstrate this president's belief that his power is nearly limitless.

The Constitution makes it Congress's job to watch over the president for abuses of power. Now Bush is trying to prevent that -- trying to find new ways to put himself above the law. Tell your representatives to reject this outrageous claim of executive privilege and hold Miers and Bolton in contempt.

--Your Allies at People For the American Way

Petition: http://www.kintera.org/site/lookup.asp?c=feIJKQMEF&b


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