Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm back---back to elections and hope?

Well, here we go again. I had hoped that this blog wouldn't be necessary. I had hoped the war would be stopped. I had hoped New Orleans and the Gulf Coast would have received help from their own government so the regular folk could rebuild. I had hoped America would become the hope of the masses, the "this land" so powerfully described by Woody Guthrie.

But, nothing much has changed for the better, and a lot has changed for the worse--mostly because no change in this global world means falling behind.

I am watching the debates -- Democrat and Republican. The focus groups have begun, the phone calls asking for money have begun. Most people I know can't watch. They are trying to go to work, pay their bills, and worry about the cat food and their own food, wonder about hurricanes, floods and droughts.

So, I am going to begin this blog again.

Write me if you manage to find this little place amidst all the useless babble out there. Let's find some truth someplace--in my town or in yours.

My cat has survived Katrina and pet food poisoning. She has begun to run outdoors and jump onto the top shelf again--at the age of 12! If she can come back, so can I. So can you. But she doesn't give up her advantage to the dog or to anyone else. We need to stand up, show our claws and take back our lives and our country. I can't watch on the sidelines, and neither can you.

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