Monday, August 21, 2006

Why I am not writing

I just cannot write anymore.

I am a year away from full time job, friends still waiting for help in New Orleans, war everywhere, poverty and hunger and homelessness.....

I am in hurricanes...liberals....waiting as Hillary makes her way to the presidency carefully avoiding controversy and commitment.

I am awake, but asleep...numbed by FEMA trailers, death in Lebanon, confusion among progressives who define progress by house parties and candidates they "like".....real commitments voiced in rhetoric and poorly attended discussion groups.

I wait for the winter everyone says is a real Rochester winter---not the one we had last year. I wait for a day when I don't get more bad news from New Orleans...when levees are fixed...when friends who are all over this country find jobs and housing....when no one is tired...when I want to write.

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