Friday, May 26, 2006

NY State Green Party Candidate Challenges Hillary

Howie Hawkins campaign focuses on three leading policies:

Out Now - End the War - Bring the Troops Home

National Health Insurance (Medicare for All)

Clean Energy to Stop Global Warming - A Global Public Works Program to Rewire the Planet with Renewable Energy in 10 Years

An independent opposition party like the Greens is the most effective way to advance peace, justice, and a sustainable society. It is not just the peace vote that is open to alternatives. So are the millions without health insurance, the workers who are losing wages and benefits and their very jobs, the environmentalists who see no program to address global warming, and the women and people of color who are losing their recently won rights. All have reason to be dissatisfied with Clinton, who is taking them for granted as she rebrands herself as a moderate for her presidential run.

Clinton has been a consistent war hawk on the Iraq war and, indeed, all the wars initiated by Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. She is more responsible than any other person in America for killing the single-payer national health insurance bill that had about 100 members of Congress as co-sponsors in 1993.

That's why Howie Hawkins asks for your vote in November

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