Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sander Hicks runs for Senate against Hillary Clinton

A green candidate, and what's more important an activist and outspoken critic of the corporate stranglehold on this state and this country, Sander Hicks brought his tour to Rochester NY today.

From his website <>:

Here's How We Win

Most people in New York are progressive. They want a new politics. They want a few good, basic things out of life: a good job they believe in, a worthwhile education for their kids, healthcare, a clean environment, and honesty from politicians.

This is all too much to ask for from today's phony, careerist "leaders."

It's a great opportunity for some new politics.

I have done different kinds of community-organizing work. I've worked with unions, and churches, and a merchants association. I'm a progressive, a patriot, and a practicing Catholic. There's a "big tent" of people in New York State who I know are with me: we don't like where this country has gone since 9/11. We don't want the USA to be the bully of the globe. We need to lead the world through the strength of our ideas, not the brutality of our weapons.

Yes, the opponent has plenty of money. That doesn't scare us. We've got something more powerful than money: we believe in our cause. We have common interests. We have a mass movement on our side. The party's over for the elitists. It's time for the mass movement to take over. We've been in the streets marching against the war, and now it's time for us to take office.

There are a number of institutions that this campaign can use to reach that mass movement: the churches and temples and mosques are ready to hear this message, because it is prophetic. This is in the tradition of the ancient wisdom, like Isaiah, who spoke truth to power. The unions are eager to hear this message, because this is in the interests of the majority, which has been ignored by the two boss parties. The student groups are active and energetic and revolutionary, just like this message. The environmental groups want to hear that Green Party now has some fresh juice. The patriots and the civil libertarians are livid that a Federal Government is eager to trample on our rights, listen to our phone calls, and detain our citizens.

So, instead of responding to a politics that divides us, let's realize our common interests. Together, we are the mass movement. Abandon the two dinosaur parties. We are the mammals. We are the future. Don't delay the inevitable. Meet the future head-on!

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