Thursday, August 25, 2005

Electronic Voting--Unconstitutional Suit!

TN "paperless voting is illegal" lawsuit filed; link on

This is a quick update thread on the status of the Tennessee lawsuit, filed in Memphis yesterday, that declares that paperless electronic voting is unconstitutional in the Orange State.

As most of you remember, we posted our draft of this lawsuit this past Friday on DU. Actually, I made the mistake of starting two separate threads with the draft language, one thread on 2004 ERD and the other on GD-P. But the response was so favorable and the recommendations were so useful that both threads hit the "Greatest" page within an hour of each other and climbed steadily among the most nominated threads for the next 24 hours. This Memphis idea had been worth thinking about and discussing and working together to tighten up. And, boy howdy, how you guys came through -- and your suggestions were incorporated in the final language of the (expanded) complaint in ways that you will recognize and should be proud for.

Such is the power of DU, born from the immediacy of internet-based communication and nurtured by the breadth of interest and expertise represented among us. And strengthened by our commonality of commitment to make things in this country better, faster. The quality of feedback we received, primarily from DU but also from dailyKos, votetrustusa, votersunite, several TN-specific email lists and discussion groups, and to and from a number of voting rights activists in seven other states (so far) -- all of this input made a huge difference.

Now to the update: This complaint was filed yesterday afternoon (8/24/05, Wednesday, around 3:30 pm) in Memphis. Before the end of today (8/25), there will be an icon up at which will allow you to link to either an MS Word and/or a pdf file that will allow you to download the final filing language for the case that is being presented.

We can still amend this suit over the next 30 days, so we do encourage feedback (still) on major issues. For those of you who read the first draft only, you will note that David Mills has added two more constitutional issues to his list of eight, so we now have ten separate points relating to TN constitutional law being adjudged.

So stay tuned to today to be able to get your "hot off the griddle" 8/24/05 TN filing which declares paperless electronic voting to be unconstitutional. (I'll post a link on this thread when I get one.) In the meantime, please post your comments, suggestions or "go get 'ems" on this thread and let's spread the word throughout DU.

As of yesterday afternoon, a lawsuit has indeed been filed in Memphis to mandate voter-verified paper ballots uniformly in the Orange State. And because of the interest, the intelligence and the depth and breadth of knowledge available to all of us here in real-time in reality-based America -- the DU 2004 ERD, GD-P and "Greatest" forums -- this complaint is a much better crafted and more expansive indictment of the constitutional proscriptions against "faith-based" voting than it was five days ago.

Thanks, guys. We couldn't (and wouldn't) have done as good a job without all ya'll. Please help me keep this thread kicked and help spread the word around our DU world a bit. We are also still looking for other attorneys and citizens to help us raise our issues in more "paperless voting" counties in Tennessee (like Davidson, Knox, Williamson, Rutherford -- the list goes on and on), filing comparable complaints elsewhere in the state. If you are one or you know one, please help us spread the word. PM me with your contact information and I WILL get in touch.)

Thanks again, DUers. You done good,and we will do better, because you're here. We'll keep ya posted. Peace out.

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